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Inbox: How can Sox maximize Panda's value?
10/21/16 via MLB Red Sox
Will Pablo Sandoval have a chance to be the Red Sox's third baseman, or will the team use him as a designated hitter? Ian Browne answers this and more in the latest Inbox....
David Ortiz ‘Was Essentially Playing On Stumps,’ DH’s Physical Therapist Said
10/21/16 via Boston Red Sox –
It was a known fact that David Ortiz was dealing with foot pain since at least the 2012 season. But... Read More » ...
David Ortiz Played In Serious Pain For Four Years
10/21/16 via the joy of sox
Rob Bradford, WEEI : It turns out we had no idea just how long Ortiz endured the injuries that ultimately forced him into retirement after a walk-off season for the ages. Many point to July 16, 2012, when Ortiz was driven from the lineup by sore heels. That created memorable uncertainty entering t...
Ugh! Wally And Tessie Throw Halloween Party At Fenway
10/21/16 via FenwayNation
Tessie (L); Wally (R)—We Think Hey, the kids like it. Nevertheless, the Red Sox announced today another in the endless line of goofy events around their twin mascots— Wally The Green Monster and his little sister, Tessie   The Green Monster . (Editor's Note: We're trying ...
Scar Tissue Was Real Cause Of David Ortiz's Foot Pain
10/21/16 via FenwayNation
(Getty Images) In a fascinating article by 's Rob Bradford, former Red Sox coordinator of sports medicine services  Dan Dyrek reveals the extent and nature of David Ortiz 's foot-related injuries over the years. While it was always described as an "Achilles" issu...
Cubbies Should Welcome Home Scape-"Goat" Bartman
10/21/16 via FenwayNation
Let's see, a 3-2 NLCS series lead. Returning back to Wrigley to win just one of two games to advance to the World Series. Where have we seen this before? Oh yeah, 2003! What was that guy's name? Imagine what Steve Bartman must be thinking right now. Banished from his home town (presumably...
POLL: Most Readers Want 'Outside-The-Box' GM Choice
10/21/16 via FenwayNation
Continued voting shows that FenwayNation readers reject all five prominent choices for new Red Sox GM. As the chart shows, almost half of respondents (49%) want someone else  other than the most-often mentioned candidates. While we made the suggestions of Jason Varitek or John ...
Reserve That Jersey Number Ten For Edwin Encarnación
10/21/16 via FenwayNation
From all accounts, Red Sox honcho Dave Dombrowski will have around $30-$40 million of John Henry 's spare change to spend this Winter . Of course, Henry might decide to spend some of that on fake injury training for his foreign soccer team. Even so, let's say 'DD' has 'only' $30 milli...
An October Message of Thanks from the President of the PawSox
10/21/16 via Pawtucket Red Sox News List
As October's sun sets on a season of PawSox and Red Sox baseball, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for participating so enthusiastically in our season. The PawSox provided 20 players to the Red Sox, who once again went from worst to first in the American League East. When the PawSox' season c...
Red Sox 2011 'Choke-Pocalypse' Impacts 2016 Playoffs
10/21/16 via FenwayNation
(Getty Images) As 's Mike Axisa rightly points out, the fallout from the epic 2011 Red Sox collapse directly led to a bevy of moves that impacted the MLB playoff picture five years later . OK, take a deep breath and try to remember the  Robert Andino walk-...
Iconic Kenmore CITGO Sign May Still Be Removed
10/21/16 via FenwayNation
Well, a story we reported on last July is back in the news. Boston University appears to be moving ahead with  plans to sell the building upon which the iconic Kenmore Square CITGO sign  sits. As we said last Summer, we have no love for the socialist thugs who run the state-owned CT...
Mazz: Is Dave Dombrowski Capable Of Best Building Red Sox For Future?
10/21/16 via Red Sox – CBS Boston
The question is whether the perception pf Dave Dombrowski and the reality of Dave Dombroski align. And I’m not sure they do. ...
Inside story of David Ortiz's injury: 'He was essentially playing on stumps'
10/20/16 via WEEI
Tweet  Email You might also like...  .node .outbrain-FT_1{ position:absolute; } #related_main .MB_1 .strip-img {width:100%;} #related_main .MB_1 .ob_container_...
Mauricio Dubon Finds His Way In Arizona Fall League
10/20/16 via FenwayNation
(Photo By Richard Shiro) Early on, the top Red Sox performer in this year's Arizona Fall League was Yoan Moncada (still hitting .333). But, after last night , a new prospect may be emerging—one Mauricio Dubon . Normally a shortstop, Dubon has been playing the outfield recentl...
Cubs, Bucs, Cards, Phils Make Fenway Stops In 2017
10/20/16 via FenwayNation
Well, we might as well look ahead to 2017. In addition to the moronic  World Baseball Classic  (March 9-22), we will have another year of idiotic inter-league intrusions at Fenway Park in 2017. The Chicago Cubs, Pittsburgh Pirates, Philadelphia Phillies and St. Louis Cardinals wil...
POLL: Tito's Tribe Surging As FN Readers' Favorite Team
10/20/16 via FenwayNation
Early voting in our latest FenwayNation Poll shows that Terry Francona 's upstart Indians are passing the Cuddly Cubbies as the favorite remaining team in the MLB playoffs. As the chart shows, fully 65% of our readers pick The Tribe as their new rooting target, followed somewhat distantl...
Sox, Texas, Empire Likely Spots For Edwin Encarnación
10/20/16 via FenwayNation
'Flap-Down' At Fenway In 2017? Multiple reports suggest that the Red Sox are the likeliest landing spot for free-agent Edwin Encarnación . Now that the Blue Jays failed to match Boston as the only team to recover from a 3-0 deficit, the real speculation can begin on the pot...
POLL: Which Remaining Team Are You Rooting For?
10/20/16 via FenwayNation
Which ONE of the remaining heavily Boston-connected teams are you rooting for? Chicago Cubs Cleveland Indians Los Angeles Dodgers free polls ...
Tickets for the 2017 Season Go On Sale November 5th
10/20/16 via Portland Sea Dogs News List
Portland, Maine- Single game tickets for the Portland Sea Dogs' 2017 season will go on sale on Saturday, November 5th at 9:00 AM at the Hadlock Field ticket office. Phone & internet orders will begin at 12:00 PM....
Terry Francona is World Series Bound Again.
10/20/16 via Surviving Grady
The Mighty Terry Francona will be heading to the World Series again, this time with the Indians , which is one of the teams he helped us step over in the 2007 ALCS. For Boston fans who drink a lot and are me, it’s a bittersweet thing. If I was running Yawkey Way, I would have signed T...
Dubon provides spark in Fall League victory
10/20/16 via MLB Red Sox
Mauricio Dubon put a slow Arizona Fall League start behind him Wednesday night, providing three hits and two steals to spark the Surprise Saguaros to a 2-1 victory over the Scottsdale Scorpions....
PawSox Win 2016 Community Involvement Award from Providence Business News
10/19/16 via Pawtucket Red Sox News List
"The team's recognition of its unique role in the community, and its determination to use that role to improve that community, is a worthy example for all companies," Murphy explained. "It makes the PawSox the well-deserved honoree for community involvement in the 2016 PBN Business Excellence Awards...
Curt Not Happy With 'Bloody Sock'/Bauer Comparison
10/19/16 via FenwayNation
(Getty Images) If case you wanted to engage Curt Schilling in some banter about the similarities between his 'Bloody Sock' game and Trevor Bauer 's "DroneGate" — fuggedaboutit! Schilling does not like the comparison, tweeting , "Please don’t tweet at me about Bauer. He c...
POLL: Majority Still Support Trading For LHP Chris Sale
10/19/16 via FenwayNation
Results to our latest FenwayNation Poll show that readers continue to support the idea of trading away up to three Red Sox players for left-handed pitching ace Chris Sale . As the chart shows, a majority (55%) favor the transaction (sending Jackie Bradley, Jr. , Yoan Moncada or Raf...
Don't Forget About Boston's Pitching Prospect Pipeline
10/19/16 via FenwayNation
Groome (L); Kopech (R) With all the emphasis on position player prospects Yoan Moncada , Rafael Devers and Andrew Benintendi (who may be beyond prospect-level now), it's easy to forget about Boston's lurking stating pitching prospects. Specifically, they have two 'studs-in...


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