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Shane Victorino�s Love For Boston Shone Through In Tearful Goodbye

BOSTON — For the first six minutes of his goodbye news conference late Monday night, Shane Victorino kept it together.... Read More » ...

- via NESN | 7/28 1:38AM

Younger Games: 25-and-unders dominating

Here are our Top 25-and-Unders, our ranking of the top 25 players age 25 and younger. All players who were 25 and under as of July 1, 2015 -- their age-25 season or younger -- were eligible for votes, and the list was selected by a panel of and MLB Network analysts, including two former Majo...

- via | 7/28 12:43AM

Shane Victorino Retiring �Three Little Birds� Out Of �Respect For Red Sox Nation�

BOSTON — Shane Victorino’s signature anthem “Three Little Birds” will not be coming with him to California. Victorino said during... Read More » ...

- via NESN | 7/28 12:29AM

Napoli tossed after throwing helmet

Red Sox first baseman Mike Napoli was ejected after throwing his helmet to the ground following a called strike three in the first inning of Monday night's game against the White Sox at Fenway Park....

- via | 7/28 12:28AM

Kelly fighting to find consistency on mound

Joe Kelly's time in a Red Sox uniform has been dominated by his own inconsistency and the team's flustered attempts to harness his exceptional athleticism. That trend continued on Monday night during a 10-8 loss to the White Sox at Fenway Park....

- via | 7/28 12:22AM

Sox Trade Victorino To Halos For IF Rutledge

Just before Monday night's game, the Red Sox traded away a vital piece of their 2013 World Series Championship team� Shane Victorino . Boston sent The ' Flyin' Hawaiian' to the Angels�along with $3.8 million�in exchange for infielder Josh Rutledge . The 26-year old Rutledge is known for both ...

- via | 7/28 12:10AM

Episode 5,972, In Which I Get Oddly Sentimental Over Shane Victorino Leaving the Red Sox

Baseball is a temporary thing. It only sticks around for the warm months, and the players come and go like a revolving door. Gabe Kapler becomes Matt Clement becomes Mark Kotsay becomes Erik Bedard and numbers get shuffled and faces change and before you realize it, we’re all just roo...

- via Surviving Grady | 7/28 12:04AM

Emotional Victorino dealt to Angels

Shane Victorino went from last place to first place in an instant on Monday. At some point soon, that will put a smile on his face....

- via | 7/27 11:52PM

Red Sox drop Fenway slugfest to White Sox

The White Sox came out swinging on Monday night at Fenway Park and never really stopped, notching a 10-8 victory over the Red Sox in the opener of a three-game series....

- via | 7/27 11:46PM

Shane Victorino Thanks Red Sox For Taking A Chance In Tearful Goodbye (Video)

The Boston Red Sox traded outfielder Shane Victorino to the Los Angeles Angels on Monday, and the 34-year-old took the... Read More » ...

- via NESN | 7/27 11:28PM

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