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Red Sox end-of-season report card

You know what sound a balloon makes when you let all the air out of it? That�s appropriate on multiple levels as we begin the grim task of doling out final grades on a Red Sox season that was one giant letdown. Rather than defend their shocking 2013 championship, the Red Sox rolled over and played...

- via Boston Herald | 10/1 11:30PM

Consistency works well for Red Sox relief corps

It�s no secret that power hitters have become increasingly scarce across baseball. Power arms, on the other hand, are all the rage, with teams loading up on relief pitchers who light up a radar gun with triple-digit fastballs. But the Red Sox won�t get caught up in that trend. ...

- via Boston Herald | 10/1 11:23PM

Oakland A�s big losers

In case anyone still thought the July 31 blockbuster trade the Red Sox made with the A�s � Jon Lester for Yoenis Cespedes � was one of those win-win type of deals, Tuesday night�s wild AL Wild Card game changed the math. The Red Sox still won their end of it, but the A�s just became big, big loser...

- via Boston Herald | 10/1 11:13PM


What a final game at Fenway on Sunday! Check out my take on a memorable Sunday afternoon honoring a familiar foe. >...

- via | 10/1 8:39PM

Portland Sea Dogs 2014 Breakdown: Assessing Red Sox�s Double-A Club

The Portland Sea Dogs made waves in 2014 despite coming up short in their quest... ...

- via NESN | 10/1 6:16PM

Report: Jon Lester�s Newton Home Hits Market For $1.85 Million (Photos)

Jon Lester threw cold water on speculation about a potential return to Boston, even if... ...

- via NESN | 10/1 4:00PM

Is The Kung-Fu Panda Coming East To Boston?

(Photo: DreamWorks Animation) Almost every review of the off-season needs of the last-place Red Sox includes talk of a left-handed-hitting third baseman. Of course, implicit in this discussion is the notion that Will Middlebrooks is history�something the team steadfastly refutes....

- via | 10/1 3:56PM

Shaughnessy- Not Quite Right

As is his style, Dan Shaughnessy had a rant last weekend on the state of the Red Sox. “Nobody’s mad at the local nine, ” he wrote. “After all, they’ve won the World Series three times in 10 years and they won it last year…everybody is happy just to enjoy another d...

- via Fenway West | 10/1 3:53PM

FN Poll: Starting Pitching Overwhelming Choice

Very early voting in our latest FenwayNation Poll shows that an overwhelming majority of readers think the Red Sox should spend most of their off-season dough on starting pitching . As the chart shows, fully 88% choose this option, while 12% think the team should shell out more cash fo...

- via | 10/1 2:49PM

Lester Newton House Listing Not What It Seems

(Exclusive FenwayNation Photo) Only in Boston would there be speculation about the meaning of a former Red Sox player putting his local-area house on the market. So, when Jon Lester put his Newton house up for sale, conspiracy theories abounded. Now, thanks to 's Ro...

- via | 10/1 2:34PM

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