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Red Sox Rumors/News:

Lucchino: "We Will Be Active" At Trade Deadline

Red Sox President and CEO Larry Lucchino appeared on WEEI's Dennis & Callahan Morning Show and spoke about the team's likely behavior in the run-up to next Thursday's non-waiver trade deadline. Said Lucchino, "We�ve never been in this position in our 13 years. We have never been in a p...

- via | 7/24 11:35AM

Red Sox-Blue Jays Live: Jays Take Early Lead On Passed Ball In First

Mid 2nd, Blue Jays 1-0:�Marcus Stroman retires the side in order without allowing a ball... ...

- via NESN | 7/24 11:18AM

Red Sox vs. Blue Jays: Brock Holt starts at second

Brock Holt is back in the lineup, starting at second base against Marcus Stroman and the Jays. Brock Holt is back in the lineup, giving Dustin Pedroia the day off as the Red Sox try to bounce back from two straight losses against the Blue Jays. Today's Lineups BOSTON RED SO...

- via Over The Monster | 7/24 11:02AM

Giancarlo Stanton To Red Sox Rumors Re-Ignite

(Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images) We know, we know, you've heard all this before. And the Marlins have promised they would never trade Giancarlo Stanton �their lone matinee idol. Then again, Governor Deval Patrick promised a drop in your property taxes�seen that yet? We...

- via | 7/24 10:48AM

Red Sox Catcher David Ross: �We Know We Have An Uphill Battle�

Red Sox catcher David Ross joined Toucher & Rich Thursday morning for his regularly scheduled appearance. ...

- via | 7/24 10:28AM

Jon Lester, Red Sox Tabling Contract Negotiations Until After Season

Any resolution to Jon Lester’s contract situation will have to wait until the fall. Boston... ...

- via NESN | 7/24 10:09AM

The A-Rod VS. Varitek Brawl: One Decade Later

It's an iconic image burned into the brain of every Red Sox fan over the age of 10� Good versus Evil incarnate . Ten years ago today, Jason Varitek squared off with Alex Rodriguez in a classic brawl that can legitimately be called the watershed moment of the 2004 Championship season. ...

- via | 7/24 10:07AM

With Contract Talks Tabled, It�s Time For Red Sox To Trade Jon Lester

Just in case it wasn't already perfectly clear that the Red Sox have no desire to sign Jon Lester to the contract he deserves, principal owner John Henry just made it loud and clear. ...

- via | 7/24 9:37AM

2004 Red Sox-Yankees Brawl Still Memorable 10 Years Later (Video)

The 2004 season was a special one for Boston Red Sox and for obvious reasons.... ...

- via NESN | 7/24 9:20AM

Red Sox starting pitchers and the nine-inning curse

For Red Sox starters, going the distance might be an achievement best avoided. Looking for a crackpot theory that confuses correlation and causation and is couched in superstition? I've got just the thing! Red Sox pitchers should stop going nine innings because it only leads to disaster....

- via Over The Monster | 7/24 9:20AM

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