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Hanley Ramirez, David Ortiz, have a chance to rekindle that Manny-Papi magic

FORT MYERS, Fla. Tweet  Email You might also like... ? .node .outbrain-FT_1{ } #related_main .MB_1 .strip-img {width:100%;} #related_main .MB_1 .ob_container_recs .item...

- via | 2/28 12:34AM

Red Sox Notebook: Updated focus on domestic violence

FORT MYERS � We will never know for sure that if Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson had not popped up in the headlines this past year for domestic abuse allegations, whether or not the Red Sox would be participating in a domestic violence session this morning. But such is the life of the professiona...

- via Boston Herald | 2/28 12:10AM

Pablo Sandoval's glove not girth aids Red Sox

FORT MYERS � The Red Sox hardly seem interested in what Pablo Sandoval looks like while he stands around in a T-shirt and shorts. They want to see him field a baseball in full uniform. By now everybody knows the story, Sandoval is listed at 5-foot-11, 245 pounds, carries a jolly grin and a round ...

- via Boston Herald | 2/28 12:07AM

A pitch for Opening Day

FORT MYERS � If John Farrell waited until March 27 a year ago to pronounce Jon Lester as the Opening Day starter, there�s no telling how long it could take this year. The suspense will surely be worth it considering that, unlike with Lester last year, there is no obvious candidate from among the B...

- via Boston Herald | 2/28 12:04AM

Red Sox Notes: John Farrell Sheds Light On Starting Rotation Decision

FORT MYERS, Fla. — The Boston Red Sox�s third official full-squad workout didn�t lack energy.... ...

- via NESN | 2/27 7:52PM

Brock Holt No Longer A Secret, But Still A Weapon For 2015 Red Sox

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Brock Holt might just be another face in the crowd when... ...

- via NESN | 2/27 6:00PM

MLB raising awareness about domestic violence

The Red Sox will have several important things to do on the field Saturday, but they'll also have a pressing matter in the clubhouse. Boston's players and coaches will sit down with Major League Baseball staff for a primer in how to avoid domestic-violence situations....

- via | 2/27 4:27PM

'Pace Of Play' Or 'Pace Of Pay'?

by Mark Lawrence, International Editor When David Ortiz talks � or rants, as some reporters assert � I sit up straight and pay attention.  The most recent burr under Papi�s blanket has to do with this wacky Pace of Play initiative and, sportsfans � upon consideration - I believe he ...

- via | 2/27 4:05PM

Boston Red Sox�s Baserunning Could Be X Factor In 2015 After Awful 2014

FORT MYERS, Fla. — It didn�t take long for Brian Butterfield to lose his voice.... ...

- via NESN | 2/27 3:22PM

Farrell: 'Merit' Will Determine Rotation Order

While past performance and reputation will play a part , it looks as if  merit will be the driving force in deciding the order of the Red Sox starting rotation . As it should be. Given the relative equality of the five candidates, whoever steps up in Spring Training should get the O...

- via | 2/27 3:09PM

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