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WHO's YOUR DADDY's team?

Now that we know Teixeira's dad was a Yankees fan...

From now on, please, can we ask this of all future Red Sox free-agent potentials?

It seems to me, that we've lost more than a couple of free agents to the Yankees due to which team they were fans of when they were kids. Now it comes out that Teixeira too grew up in a Yankee household.

Everyone made a big stink about MT growing up near Washington/Maryland and that maybe he'd pick one of the nearby teams so he could move home - F-that! He grew up a fan of the Yankees! Can someone from the Globe or Herald or ProJo start asking this question up-front now? "Who's your daddy's team?"

If we were to know this info ahead of time, we could stop wasting our time pining over such Type A free agents. If we knew that the Yankees are interested and we know that the Sox are certainly (never) going to outbid them, we can understand that the likelihood of signing such a player isn't very good.

Same goes for me and any of us. Admit it! Even if you prefer the makeup of a different team, if you are offered dollar-for-dollar or even dollar-for-dollar Plus $10 million... you are still going to chose the team that you grew up rooting for.

And let's face it. Most idiots across this nation of ours grew up Yankees fans. (These same jerks probably also like the Dallas Cowboys!) Only those of us born of parents born in the Northeast were really "born in to it" as Red Sox fans during those lean 70s-80s years.

So, every time we go chasing the latest of Red Sox Rumors, let's do a little background research first and find out who their daddy likes before we get our hopes up.

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