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Shane Victorino Makes 2014 Debut, Bats Second For Red Sox vs. Yankees

The Flyin’ Hawaiian is back. Boston Red Sox outfielder Shane Victorino will make his 2014... ...

- via NESN | 4/24 4:55PM

With Shane Victorino in No. 2 spot, Red Sox hoping to achieve offensive stability

When it comes to whether the Red Sox have missed Jacoby Ellsbury , the proof is in the team's .183 average (17-for-93) and .267 on-base percentage out of the leadoff spot. But that tells only half the story of the Sox' top-of-the-order problems. The other half -- the absence of Shane Victorino ...

- via Boston Herald | 4/24 4:30PM

Man At Red Sox Game Steals Ball Intended For Young Yankees Fan (Video)

Wednesday night’s game�between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees added another chapter to�the... ...

- via NESN | 4/24 3:36PM

Felger & Mazz: Blatant Use Of Pine Tar Again? What Was Pineda Thinking?

Mazz said Pineda's blatant use of pine tar is one of the dumbest things he's ever seen, and Felger is glad someone is finally calling out baseball for their "institutionalized cheating." ...

- via | 4/24 3:13PM

Red Sox vs. Yankees: Shane Victorino returns

Shane Victorino is finally back! After three long weeks, Shane Victorino is finally ready to make his 2014 debut, batting second and playing right field as the Red Sox take on the Yankees. Today's Lineups NEW YORK YANKEES BOSTON RED SOX Jacoby Ellsbury - CF Dusti...

- via Over The Monster | 4/24 3:04PM

Jonny Gomes� American Flag White House Blazer Up For Auction (Photo)

Did you see the American flag blazer Jonny Gomes wore to the White House earlier... ...

- via NESN | 4/24 2:56PM

Off The DL: Victorino To Bat 2nd, Play Right Field In Finale vs. Yankees

The Boston Red Sox outfield is about to get a boost, and hopefully every little thing is gonna be alright. ...

- via | 4/24 2:50PM

Pineda Suspended Ten Games For GoopGate II

UPDATE: Pineda Will Not Appeal Major League Baseball handed down a stiff penalty to New York Yankee pitcher Michael Pineda after he blatantly used a "foreign substance" (pine tar) to doctor the baseball. Pineda was suspended for ten games (effectively two starts) for violating Rule 8...

- via | 4/24 2:38PM

Red Wings Baffle PawSox 8-1

On a windy afternoon, the Rochester bats were too mighty for Pawtucket's arms in an 8-1 defeat...

- via | 4/24 2:27PM

Yankees� Michael Pineda Suspended 10 Games For Pine Tar Incident

Major League Baseball came down harshly on New York Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda. The league... ...

- via NESN | 4/24 2:19PM

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